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This article is a catchall for magical or magic-like abilities that are hereditary or otherwise naturally occurring. Abilities are with a character from birth and cannot be learned.


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The Elves produce glamours which make them appear prettier to others, glamours depend on the elf being conscious so it will disappear if the elf is knocked unconscious, but not if it is sleeping. With more training Elves can also make themselves look like other people.

High Magic[]

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High Magic is divided into several Talents, each of which is separate from any other. Of course, due to the fact that it comes from the attunement of the soul, or the Numen, it is not possible for a person to attain more than one Talent of High Magic. The most common Talents are the Four Elements. These consist of Fire, Water, Air and Earth and represent the vast majority of the users of High Magic.


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Sensitives are acutely in tune with the magical forces of Adylheim and may be stirred to dark dreams or to scream prophecies at the top of their lungs by especially powerful phenomena or experience even stranger phenomena still. As a side effect of their altered perceptions, Sensitives are much more likely to become possessed or generally harassed by demonic, fey, undead or other forces.


Having no mouth, the Dae’Vol rely on telepathic communication, though they can only sense thoughts which are specifically directed at them. With more training though, they are capable of grabbing surface thoughts of others, using their telepathic ability as a radar and eventually becoming capable of looking through their memories and understanding things.


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The Ursidaen are a race cursed by the gods, they can shift between bears and humans, though their race is a highly unstable one, with babies often being killed because they were not right. They can transform into bears at will.