As part of the historical debris from the Arameian Empire Aramic is the most spoken language on the continent. While there are other languages that occasionally rear their heads you can generally count on most humans you run across being able to speak Aramic. And while it is not as prevalent among other races, those who do business with humans generally use it as a lingua franca of sorts. Aramic is not without its quirks however, it is deivided into two sociolects, High Aramic and Low Aramic.

Low AramicEdit

Low Aramic is the most common of the two sociolects. And as it is the most used it has a number of names. Vulgar Aramic, Low Aramic, Tradespeak and some just call it Trade. It uses a very simple system of clauses and genders and is generally considered to be easy to learn and master. It should be noted, though, that speaking Low Aramic in certain circles is considered to be frowned upon. Noblemen, while they may use it outside of court, generally will not use it as it is considered common.

High AramicEdit

High Aramic or Noble Aramic is generally considered to be the purview of the ruling classes. It sports an intricate system of clauses and genders and takes a while to learn. While it remains mutually intelligible with Low Aramic it can be used more effectively to get subtleties across. It is therefore often the language of choice for poets and bards, at least those who appear at court functions.  High Aramic doesn't have quite as much of a following in the northern courts though where things are generally a little rougher and one can generally get away with speaking Low Aramic at the courts of Starkwater and Nevros

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