The calendar of Adylheim consists of 12 months to every year. Each month takes up a total of 35 days. There are 5 weeks to every month and thus 7 days to the week. There are also four seasons; winter, spring, summer and autumn. Finally, timekeeping in Adylheim is also split into eras. Eras are a much more subtle concept than a year or a season and are not determined by anything as simple as the passing of time. Eras are often guided by the hands of prophecy, with each era taking on one of the five elements. Eras have no specific length but end when the spirit which gives it power has been exhausted.

The DaysEdit

Spirit’s Day - Spirit’s Day is generally a good day to do anything involving emotions and proposals. Feuds and all manner of similar endeavours should be started on this day.

Earth’s Day - Earth’s Day is a good day to harvest and gather things which grow in the earth. Building and constructing should also be started on this day.

Fire’s Day - Fire’s Day is a good day to forge and to create new things out of old. Craftsmen are known to favour this day above all others. It is also a good day to rid oneself of old things and start anew.

Air’s Day - Air’s Day is a good day to go hunting. Rain and thunder on Air’s Day is generally considered to be an omen of good things to come. Air’s Day is also a good day to pursue one’s dreams.

Water’s Day - Water’s Day is the day for fishing and diving. The treasures of the sea are said to yield more easily on Water’s Day. For those worshipping Erina, this day is sacred above the others.

Gods' Day - On this day, asking favours of the gods is especially easy. Religious errands and quests should be started on this day, it is a good day for sacrifices and prayer. Prophetic visions are often received on this day.

Children’s Day - This day is a good time to have children, anything dealing with fertility should be started on this day. It is also a day for looking ahead and laying plans.

The MonthsEdit

Primus - This month is characterised by silence, solemn festivals and fasts. Doing anything loud is generally discouraged. Winter.

Eirwinus - During this month scholarly activity is at a peak. As the month is sanctified by Eirwin the practice of learning things is important. Winter.

Akaril - This is the month where the world starts returning to life. For those worshipping Akar and others this month is filled with festivals and feasts greeting the coming of life. Spring.

Tirellus - Tirell blesses this month and the feasts that take place during it are marked by song and poetry. The big poetry competitions take place during this month, fame and fortune riding on whose poems will be the best. Spring.

Luxorus - This month is dedicated to Luxor. Festivals honouring great leaders are usually set in this month. Spring.

Adiennus - With the goddess of mysteries and doors blessing this month, it is often marked on calendars by the outline of a door. Adiennus is marked by private festivals where outsiders are not allowed to know the rites involved. Summer.

Theriumnus - With the blessing of Therium, this month is marked by jousts and competitions of strength and battle skills. It is considered a good time to do battle. Summer.

Maadrthil - This month is considered dangerous by many. Deep pits and caves are usually avoided during this month when Maadrth is said to be particularly active. Summer.

Gaernus - Harvesting is what this month is all about. The majority of the important harvests are done this month. Harvest festivals and feasts where the wealth of the harvest is consumed are common. Autumn.

Elronus - This month holds the market as its sign. Elron looks favourably on his followers and more business is done this month than during any two others. It is considered a good month to be generous towards ones neighbours and improvised parties and festivals are common. Autumn.

Maius - As winter looms and the land dies, this month is dedicated to Maia. Rites to honour ancestors and remember dead relatives are usually held in this month. Many who cling to life will perish before this month is over. Autumn.

Il’unnus - With this month dedicated to the goddess of dreams, people gather around and listen to stories and legends. Prophetic visions and dreams mark this month more than any other. Winter.

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