Arameia is the largest and most central fiefdom. It consists of two parts, the Heartlands and the Highlands, with the Highlands being a separate piece of land, which requires crossing the Archduchy of Starkwater. The Heartlands mainly consists of flat lands without any good natural borders and as such are often assaulted by the neighbouring fiefdoms. A great deal of food is created here. Arameia often sees itself as the most important nation in the Adylheim Alliance and the city of Aram often refers to itself as the capital of Adlyheim. Arameia takes its name from the Arameian Empire the ruins of which it still inhabits. It is a nation guided principally by the Priestly caste, the Prelate of Luxor guiding every aspect of the fiefdom, ensuring his position with the idea that he rules by holy will.

The HeartlandsEdit

The Heartlands is the major area of Arameia. It consists primarily of farm- and woodlands, with the occasional hill, getting flatter the further south and east it goes.


Aram is the largest city in the Mainlands with almost 100,000 inhabitants. It is a spread out metropolis, with the past trappings of the Empire all around it. The majority of the great buildings are destroyed, their stones used to make new buildings. The remaining buildings are mainly the large temple to Luxor and parts of what was the Imperial Palace, which is now used as a administration centre for Arameia. The basis for Aram is that of a once great, now decayed city, Aram is full of history and the majority of it is ignored. Beggars sleep in the ruined halls of palaces and the rich cluster together in the centre of the city. Outside this very small centre of the city, prices for buildings are very, very low and most just take the room they need. Good housing, as opposed to the ruins that make up the majority of Aram is in high demand.

Fort ResolveEdit

Fort Resolve is a medium sized fortified city on the border between Arameia and Starkwater. It has a large garrison and is often called on to protect the borders and provide support to the Highlands.

The SliversEdit

A series of islands along the rim of the Arameian Sea, mainly inhabited by fishermen. The largest is called Green Isle, from the strange green mountain which is the central point on the island.

The White CastleEdit

A castle built out of white stone, residing on the plains of Arameia. It has been unstuck from time by a powerful Encloser.

The HighlandsEdit

The Highlands are in a hilly part of the Mainlands and are valued for its two mines, one giving the Arameians silver, the other giving them iron. For this reason the Arameians defend the Highlands to the death and have long worked to re-establish a corridor between the Highlands and the Heartlands through the Archduchy of Starkwater.

The MinesEdit

The mines are the main source of the wealth of the Arameians. They are heavily guarded by Arameian troops, and often fought over with the Archduchy of Starkwater. The most seasoned troops in Arameia are usually found here.

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