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The Principality of Nevros is one of the northernmost fiefdoms and easily one of the most exposed to barbarian assaults. The terrain is dominated by hills and mountains to the north with the lands growing flatter as they stretch south.

System of Government[]

The Principality of Nevros is led by the Prince of Nevros. The Prince is chosen by the Council of Dukes, which are the leading nobles in Nevros and act as an assembly in times of crisis, though they have no power beyond the selection of the next Prince. The title may sometimes be granted to the same family for several generations, though this depends on the standing and ability of the members of the family. The Princes of Nevros are renowned for their iron-fisted rule. Few lands are as heavily taxed as Nevros and their peasant populace is poorer than in other fiefdoms. With this money the nobles of Nevros have standing armies that are the envy of most other fiefdoms. Despite this, raids from Ogres, Northmen and Ursidaen are a constant disruptive influence on the affairs of Nevros. As a reaction to this the Principality of Nevros rarely takes an interest in the affairs of other fiefdoms, despite the ongoing feud between Arameia and Starkwater, both of which Nevros shares a border with. Nevros has not once taken a side in their squabbling.


Also known as the Prince’s Seat, the city of Alden houses approximately 12,000 inhabitants. With its impressive fortifications it is one of the best defended cities in the fiefdoms. The layout of the city has been created and maintained specifically to throw off invaders, with very few streets following a straight path. Corners and narrow streets with many overhanging buildings are prominent features of Alden. Inhabitants Nevros’ inhabitants are primarily Threakians, though Arameians hold some of the minor positions of nobility and usually work as officials.


The northern parts of Nevros are marked by hills and deep woods. The terrain is fairly unpredictable and it is easy to get lost in the twisting valleys. During the spring the many rivers running through these valleys become flooded due to snowmelt coming down from the north. As one goes further south the landscape becomes flatter to the point where it begins to border on swamps towards the south. As a result of the frequent border raids, even the most basic farmhouses near the borders are often fortified and equipped with secret entrances and escape tunnels in case of raids.


Nevros was the second of the fiefdoms to declare its independence from the Arameian Empire. Under the command of General Rok Famn the newly independent forces of Nevros kept the Empire at bay while its resources crumbled. As soon as the pressure relented, Rok Famn set about consolidating his rule over the nobles of Nevros. While the other fiefdoms treated the imperial delegates that arrived in 3704 with courtesy but turned them down, Rok Famn was the only one to strike a deal with them, granting the Principality of Nevros limited autonomy in the future Empire. Unbeknownst to then Emperor Alexandrios XIV however, Rok Famn also struck a deal with the Archduke of Starkwater and with Famn’s men in strategic locations, they butchered the Imperial army in 3712. After this major victory, Prince Famn and his men took control of what is now the southern parts of Nevros, as well as parts of what is the Arameian Heartlands today. The position of Prince was held by the family of Famn for several generations before passing to other hands, and the Famn dukes remain a strong influence on the politics of the Principality even when they are not in power. With the power of the Arameians growing Nevros lost its hold on the southern part of their principality, losing it to the Arameians in 3970 and settling on the border negotiations in 3971.

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