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In this guide we will create your first character in Adylheim, step by step.

Step 1. Choose your character's race.[]

The first step to creating a character is choosing what race this character will be. Please note that if you wish to start as anything other than one of the listed Playable Races please contact the staff by posting a new thread in the Special Requests forum with your request. The Character Sheet Template can be used or edited according to your needs. It covers all the major important details about your character.

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Step 2. Create a back story.[]

Once you have chosen a race, at least parts of the character's history ought to be clear to you. Is she a displaced noble who fled her home and has nothing but the clothes on her back? Or perhaps he's a noble Ursidaen armed to the teeth and looking to make a name for himself? Is she an up and coming merchant with a ship sailing up and down the coast to fend for herself? The back story of your character is important as it will define your characters interest, their level of education and what they own. There is only one real restriction concerning back story: your character cannot be from one of the more prominent noble families of Adylheim; lesser nobility is fine. If you want such a background, please discuss this with a member of the staff.

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Step 3. Choose his skills and lore.[]

In Adylheim every skill has 25 levels. As a starting character, you can start with 10 levels altogether, spread over as many skills as you want. Since Adylheim works on an open-ended skill system, this means pretty much any skill you could imagine to be found in the late medieval era of real life history is probably useable as well as several magical and mystical skills. Lore is another issue which is intricately tied into skills. Where skills detail practical knowledge (such as how good you are at, for example, cooking) Lore is more akin to pure knowledge (for instance, knowing your way around a certain city). While you are limited to ten skill levels for a starting character, you can have as much or as little lore as you want.

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Step 4. Choose her starting items.[]

Adylheim does not have a list of items you can choose from. Instead, we leave this up to you, with a few restrictions only. The possessions you have should fit into your backstory. If you have an estate and your own ship it makes no sense that you are a barbarian fresh from the Ribs. You should also not start out with more than five hundred gold coins, more than a handful of servants or employees, large estates which require the attention of more than a handful of servants or employees or any magical items.

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Step 5. Fill out the details.[]

Once everything else is in place, it should be easy to fill in the details. Such as eye colour, hair colour and what they are wearing and the like.

All done.[]

Post your finished Character Sheet in the Character Sheets Repository.