Whenever a PC dies in character, there are four options left to the player. They can start over with an entirely new PC, they can reincarnate their character, they can choose for their PC to linger as a ghost or, in very rare cases, they can hold out for a resurrection.

Starting OverEdit

Starting over means the new PC starts out as any other new PC, with no extra skills or possessions.


Choosing this option means that the player will be allowed to start a new PC retaining some of the skill levels and influence they have achieved in character and with the help of the staff can use these to build a new character, separate from their old one. A PC which has been reincarnated can never be resurrected.


The player may choose to let their PC linger on as a ghost, while the PC is a ghost, they can only advance one new skill, which is Manifestation, this skill allows ghosts to do such things such as lifting solid object, becoming visible and audible to the living and so on. A PC who is a Ghost can choose to be reincarnated or hold out for a potential resurrection.


Resurrections are a very rare occurrence. They happen as a result of long adventures which deal with the afterlife and rarely leave their characters without scars, both in terms of levels and physical ability. The staff will rarely resurrect PCs as it cheapens the finality of death.

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