The Collectors are said to stem from the first thing the Gods threw away when making reality. Their purpose is to collect things that others have thrown away. While they are capable of travelling between planes, they typically reside in the spaces between planes which the Gods deigned not to use. Typically Collectors cannot use things that people still use or haven't thrown away. Their own language, for instance, is made up of old languages that have died out and phrases and words that have slipped out of usage. They are not only capable of collecting things, but also knowledge, emotions, souls and similar. Collectors rarely share a common appearance as they are made up of the things they collect. Whenever a Collector decides to make a new Collector, they are made by things the previous Collector has collected and they may alter their appearance throughout their life. They carry the things in a space behind what one might consider their heads. Collectors are occasionally known as Phlogisii.

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