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Creation is generally separated from Necromancy in that it is the creation of magical creatures which do not involve dead bodies or the use of a Fetish to mentally control these creations. Creation is more difficult than Summoning and Necromancy and often involves greater effort than either, but is sometimes more socially acceptable. It is considered to be one of the more advanced schools of low magic and should not be entered into by apprentices.


Creation is generally divided into two subcategories, both of which are essential to the use of Creation, while they can be used separately, the best results are generally made when combining the two.

Flesh ForgingEdit

The art of Flesh Forging is generally considered to be a sub-grouping of Creation as it is involved with making some of the more tortured creations. Flesh Forging involves the painstaking and inherently painful process of shaping flesh and bone to suit new needs. This is usually achieved through a series of cuts and alterations to the flesh, for example stretching the skin and flesh over new bones, then allowing this to heal, before doing it again and again. Flesh Forging is an excruciating process to go through and most mages keep their subjects asleep while they go through this process. Flesh Forging is usually used for creating new limbs, replacing lost ones, or implanting magical devices in people’s bodies.

Mind CraftingEdit

Whereas Flesh Forging is a brutal and ultimately very messy process, Mind Crafting requires a much more subtle touch. It is normally achieved by putting the subject through a process similar to a forced astral projection and then carefully carving Prime Words and Sigils into the spirit or mind of a person. As this is an inherently difficult process, the compliance of the subject helps in ensuring that the procedure is both successful and more effective. If the subject struggles against the procedure it may distort the Prime Words and Sigils. While it is not impossible to use other forces to alter the mind, doing so can often lead to highly volatile and dangerous experiments. Mind Crafting is essential for making such things as Egregores and Sleepers.

Creatures Made Through CreationEdit

Since Creation is one of the more advanced schools of low magic, there are no easy creations.



A Chimera is basically a creature sewn together from various parts of animals and/or sentient beings. Without the proper mind crafting the odds of it being insane once it's finished is great, as the Chimera may or may not end up with a combination of the minds of the creatures it has been put together from.


Servitors are the most basic creatures mages are capable of creating. They are creatures created by the pure willpower of the mage. These thought constructs gain more form and substance the longer they stay alive. They are generally known for being both mercurial and mischievous of nature and may eventually turn on their creators. Servitors are generally difficult to get rid of and are a constant drain on their creators while they live.


Wisps are the most basic of mind crafting creations, being essentially a rudimentary crafted mind surrounded by magical energy. They're rarely very powerful, being essentially an incorporeal servant capable of shining a light and obeying basic commands, but wizards have been known to load them up with various powerful spells to better aid them.



Through the subtle manipulation of the auras and minds of several individuals, a magi can bind their minds into one Egregore.


Gargoyles are generally stone creations, created from statues inscribed with Prime Words. They exist in a multitude of variations, some capable of shooting fire, others made of molten lava. They are generally capable of obeying basic commands but are rarely more intelligent than a dog.


One of the most difficult things a wizard can create is a God. A small spirit which feeds off of belief. It does require a lot of believers ahead of time if the spirit is to survive its birth and they rarely grow into large deities, but such gods have been known to be quite potent servants of those who're capable of creating them.

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