Some say that the Gods were the first created, the strongest, the first creatures to come from the chaos. They are wrong. Before this world and all its myriad cousins was created, before this, before there were gods, before there was anything, there was Chaos.

Chaos was everything and everything was Chaos. Chaos is the end as surely as it is the beginning. How long Chaos existed, how long before anything came out of Chaos, these questions are not the right questions. One cannot know the answer. There was nothing before the Chaos, if there was, the Chaos swallowed it up and turned it into itself. How long the Chaos existed is impossible to know, but one day, one day, something stepped out of the Chaos. We call him Primus, the first being. His first words were "I am", and the Chaos sang to him, then came his brothers and sisters, and they returned his call and said, "We are too".

These were the first, they were the Chaos Giants and there has never been anything ever like them, for they alone were birthed from pure Chaos, nothing else has ever been created from it. Their powers were Vaster than the Gods, 16 in total, the Chaos Giants, they decided finally, no one knows how long it took them. To create servants, companions, these were the Gods as we know them today. And the Gods were lesser than the Giants, they were weak, but they were many.

Understand this, child, I say that the Gods were weak merely to illustrate how awesomely powerful the Chaos Giants were, Primus alone stretched across thousands of realities, his visage dark and terrible. He was the first of them and the most powerful. Finally the Gods grew weary of servitude and rose up against their masters, they were not as powerful as the Giants but they were many and like ants swarming over a dog they delivered a thousand small bites, which all served to bring their enemies down. The Giants fell one by one, their awesome power failing even as they dined on the essence of their enemies.

How many gods died in their rebellion no one knows, tens of thousands perhaps. For every Giant that died though, the Gods grew more powerful and terrible, absorbing the powers of their masters even as they died. Finally there was only one Giant left, Primus. The first creature, the most powerful, whose words alone could reshape reality as he saw fit.

For years beyond reckoning he kept them at bay, creating the Dragons to fight the Gods, but when finally the Dragons too turned against him, he turned his mind to the conflict with against his servants. With a gesture that took a thousand years to complete Primus obliterated almost half of the force opposing him and finally the Gods and Dragons fell back, aware that they could not win against Primus even with the power of the other 15 Chaos Giants.

They took the corpses of the other Chaos Giants and used them to fashion such a thing as had never been seen before. Bones became great mountain ranges, their blood was the ocean, their skin the earth, and their hair the wild forests of old. Even Primus took notice, in the midst of Chaos they had created Order and he had never seen such a thing before. Only too late did he realize his error, creation was not a bauble, it was a prison, and at its heart, trapped in eternal sleep was Primus himself. The first and the last of the Chaos Giants had been trapped and his awesome chaos energies were used to create the order which became creation itself.

Thus was the world made.

It is said that no one escapes the faults of his fathers though, as the Giants had done before them the Gods created their own servants, from the mud and the rock and the wood they created such creatures as would inhabit this place they had called Creation and serve them. As history moved on though, the Gods took to squabbling amongst each other, fighting over perceived slights and injuries which had taken place during the eons since they had united against a common foe.

As these squabbles gained in ferocity even the Dragons involved themselves, the destruction layered across creation was immense, and it is said that for the first time in a long time they recalled why they had built creation in the first place. Great quakes and tears in reality appeared as Primus stirred in his sleep, their first children died and later, we, the younger races, took their place, the Mefici of the Deep Earth, the Humans of the Plains, the Dae'vol of the Fire and the Rock, the Elves of the Forest and the Ogres of the Swamps, each created to fill a specific purpose. Never again would the gods fight in the midst of creation, their squabbles had almost awakened their true enemy and in that moment of realization even the Gods knew fear.

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