Adylheim Wiki

The basics of the economy are agrarian along the lines of a medieval economy. Taxes are collected by kings and nobles mainly in produce, which is turned into coin through trade in cities and abroad. The economy and state of the countries pretty much rest on the harvest; if it's a bad year for the farmers, it’s a bad year for everyone.


While there are several different kingdoms, they employ roughly the same coins. Although there are some differences, especially in the markings, the coins are more or less interchangeable. Gold being exceedingly rare in Adylheim the gold coins, although larger than the other coins, are worth an enormous amount of money. They will rarely be used outside of large transactions between merchants, nobles and the like. The silver coin, is a more common unit, being roughly equivalent to a week's earnings for a junior artisan or a low ranking soldier. Easily the most common of the coins is the copper coin, it's the one that sees the most use in every day transactions. The beer value being the most stable value, beer can usually be bought for one or two copper. This equates to a low ranking soldier’s salary being the equivalent of around 20 coppers a day. Thus, the soldier can spend 10 coppers on food, 6 coppers on lodgings and has 4 to spare for beer and other frivolities.

1 Gold Rarely used
100 Silver Sometimes used
10000 Copper Used for most everyday things

There are also Bits in use. Bits are generally a coin divided in four parts, so they are usually a fourth of the value of the coin they stem from. In addition, the Order of Elron guarantees the value of the banknote, which is sometimes used for large sums of money and can be cashed at any Order of Elron bank.


The north of Adylheim mainly produces metals, wool, furs, wood and other raw materials. There is generally some trade with the barbarian tribes to the north, although this is somewhat limited and the trade just as often takes place as hostile raids as peaceful negotiations. Whereas in the southern and central lands produce more food and processed goods, especially luxury items. The southern fiefdoms are the richest, Andragoria also trades with the Dae'vol where slaves, books and fabrics are traded for precious gems and the occasional nugget of gold. In addition, Nerin is known for the quality of its horses, which are a favoured mount of knights all over Adylheim.

Units of Measurement[]

Vital to trade are agreed upon units of measurement. There are a number of these found throughout Adylheim and here are listed a few of them with a real life equivalent to give you an idea of what they are.

Aam 150 litres
Acre 4000 metres squared
Chain 20 metres
Dram 10 grams
Ell 100 centimetres
Firkin 1/4th of a barrel
Furlong 1/8th of a mile
Digit 2 centimetres
Fathom 2 metres in depth
Handspread 20 centimetres
Hundredweight 100 kilograms
Hogshead 230 litres
Kilderkin 1/2 a barrel
League 6 kilometres
Pipe 460 litres
Pottle 2 litres
Quarter 12 kilograms
Quire 24 sheets of paper
Rood 1/4th of an acre
Scruple 2 grams
Weight 1 kilogram