Written by The Mad Professor

Elementals have been known to be openly hostile towards those with High Magic Talents corresponding to their own element and often refer to these as "half-breeds", despite this they remain among the most popular creatures to be summoned as they are generally more reliable than creatures such as Faeries and Demons. ==The Elemental Lords== These are the greatest of the Elementals, if there are any greater Elementals than these in existence, they are unknown even to the craftiest of mages. The Elemental Lords are said to be so powerful that they may even grant wishes to those who have summoned them, summoning rituals for such powerful creatures are known to elaborate and extremely taxing, often taking weeks to complete. ===Marids=== The rulers of Water are known as the Marids, they are towering creatures more at home in water than anywhere else. Their immense bodies are created purely from water and they can only be summoned into the oceans of Adylheim. A single Marid is said to have been the cause of the lost Maradin empire of Tlanti, his anger at being scorned causing their ships and islands to be returned to the sea. ===Jinni=== The Jinni are the representatives of air. They often appear to have entirely blue bodies which is only marginally opaque, they can command the greatest of winds. There are said to be only four Jinni, each chief over a specific wind, the North Wind is said to be the crueler of the four, while the South Wind is said to be balmier than the others. ===Jann=== The Jann are the rulers of the Earth Element, they are massive creatures, large as mountains themselves, they are rarely seen with more than their upper bodies clear of the ground. A Jann can will the Earth itself to form around them to form their bodies and there are few mages capable of keeping one under control. ===Ifrit=== The Ifrit are the kings and queens of Fire. They usually take the form of giant, humanoid shapes wreathed in fire. Their power over fire is extensive to the extent that they can take the very fire from a man's blood or summon up such heat as to set stone and the earth itself alight. Of all the Elemental Lords, they are perhaps the most feared. ==Elementals of the Greater Order== Elementals of the Greater Order are those most often seen when summoners bring them in from their respective Planes. While they vary greatly in power and personality they are all powerful creatures not to be trifled with. ===Morgens=== The Morgens are said to be potent spirits of water, they may occasionally be seen in powerful streams and in the sea on the Plane of Existence but mainly keep to their own Plane. They are powerful creatures in their own right, though keeping them out of water will quickly deteriorate their health. Morgens may call on the powerful forces of cold to aid them, giving them potent weapons in ice and snow against their enemies. Morgens may take on humanoid forms, but will always appear somewhat fishlike and drenched in water. They usually have several rows or short, sharp teeth. Morgens are given to asking for water as a reward for their services, specifically the water inside a person's body, leaving the wizard anywhere from dehydrated to dead depending on how large the favour needed is. Any rite to summon a Morgen should be done in close proximity to a river or a large body of water. ===Rarog=== Rarogs are powerful spirits of Air. They often take the form of a whirlwind and can literally rip the skin off a person. They are the fastest of the Elementals and also the most difficult to kill. Their power of the wind allows them to be used as anything from transport to horrifying weapons of war. Rarogs can only be summoned in open spaces and will quickly wilt if confined. They are generally considered to be hard to deal with as their moods are as shifting as the winds themselves and they may think twice about a deal they have made very quickly. ===Oread=== Huge creatures of solid rock, the Oreads are the guardians of the Earth Plane. They are the strongest of the Elementals and the best builders. They are known for their extreme patience and their apparent inability to forget any slight. Oreads typically take the form of large humanoids, made entirely of stone or tightly packed earth. Oreads are typically summoned for their brute force, they make excellent underground excavators though they have great difficulty crossing rivers and streams, often having to tunnel underground to avoid them. ===Eldjotnar=== Eldjotnar are the spirits of Fire. They are creatures made of pure flame, often changing shape as needed, growing and shrinking in size as they find fuel for their fire. If they run out of fuel or spend too long near water they will reduce in size and power quickly. Eldjotnar are generally seen as greedy and capricious creatures. They may delight in destruction as much anything else and will often halt whatever they are doing to ensure that they have burnt everything of interest around them. They should usually be summoned into an already burning brazier. ==Elementals of the Lesser Order== Elementals of the Lesser Order are the least powerful of the Elementals and are sometimes seen on the Plane of Existence in places where their element is strong. ===Undines=== Undines are the representatives of water, they are often portrayed as women, but may just as often be male in form. The stories surrounding them often see them in pools in forests and similar, but they are just as often found in rivers and other small outlets. While Undines are not usually malicious by nature, they may, if their ire is raised, draw people to their death by showing them great palaces beneath the water or luring them in with enchanting songs and holding them there till they drown. Undines will rarely leave their pools and will die if removed from the water for too long. ===Sylphs=== Sylphs are representatives of the element of Air, not much is known about them as they are usually invisible. When they appear before someone they usually take highly abstract forms, appearing as nothing more than ripples in the air. Sylphs delight in blasts of wind and can often be detected by hearing their laughter on the winds, they are usually drawn to high places and can often be found at the tops of mountains and around tall towers. Those Dragonkin who have managed to contact them have found them to be very incoherent, prone to disappearing without a word and generally with little capability for understanding other life forms. When provoked though, Sylphs can be unforgiving opponents stealing the air from the very lungs of their enemies. ===Gnomes=== The lowest order of Earth Elemental is the Gnome. It is a minute creature, rarely seen by most. It can sometimes be heard, moving around beneath the dirt. While Gnomes are not as easy to rile up as Undines or Sylphs and is probably the most stable of the elementals, their tempers, once riled last for a very long time. Those who have earned the ire of the Gnomes may find their soil infertile and famine hounding their every step. In appearance gnomes appear to be made out of the local soil, and usually take a form which vaguely resembles that of a small humanoid. Once removed from the soil in which they live though, a Gnome's body loses coherence and they fall apart and do no reconstitute themselves till the soil their body is made of is once more hidden beneath the earth. ===Salamanders=== The Elementals of Fire take their lowest form in the Salamanders. These creatures typically take the form of lizards and can usually be found in hot places. They can be found with great regularity in and around the volcanoes which make up the Dae'vol lands. Typically Salamanders look like normal lizards of many shapes, forms and sizes, they are set apart from other lizards in that they have a tendency to start burning whenever they are spooked or agitated. Salamanders are generally considered to be among the dimmest of the Elementals, they seem to have few needs beyond eating and burning things. Some of them have shown a great deal of cunning though and the more powerful of the Salamanders are unmatched among the lesser Elementals in their capacity for destruction.

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