Q: Do I have to account for every day in my character's life?Edit

A: Nope! In fact, we do prefer that you didn't write about every time your character buys a sandwich or visits the outhouse (though you certainly could, if that's your fancy). Focus on the important and interesting events in your character's life, like chapters of a novel, and don't fret if there's a gap in your character's timeline. This just means that nothing particularly interesting happened during that time.

Q: Can I post in more than one thread at once?Edit

A: Definitely! Life would be boring if you were waiting on only one thread at a time. Just make sure that, when posting in multiple threads at once, your character doesn't end up in two places at the same time, and that you give your character enough time to travel between locations. If you want to post in a thread in Arameia and one in Starkwater, make sure you account for at least a few days' journey in-between (unless your character has magical means of travel, of course).

Q: What is Flexible Continuity?Edit

A: Flexible Continuity is the name we give to the rules and guidelines about posting in multiple threads at once. These rules are:

  1. Your character may not appear in multiple threads that take place at the same in-character time.
  2. Travel time between separate locations must be accommodated into your character's timeline.
  3. A Continuity Declaration must be present in the first post of a thread, or in a character's first post in a location thread.
  4. New threads may only take place within the current Continuity Gap.

Q: What is a Continuity Declaration (CD)?Edit

A: A Continuity Declaration (CD) is like the date at the top of a diary entry: it's a short statement that marks the in-character time when a thread or post takes place. CDs can be written in a variety of ways, and can be done according to personal preference. It can be as exact or as vague as you like, and must only include the current year and month or day. A few examples of acceptable CDs follow:

  • Dusk, 32nd of Akaril, year 4235
  • 32 Akaril 4235
  • 5th Week of Akaril, year 4235
  • Dusk, Late Akaril, 4235

A Continuity Declaration is important in that it helps you keep your threads in chronological order, and it helps everyone else to fit your thread or post into the world timeline. There are two ways to use a CD:

  • A New Thread: Write a CD at the top of the first post of your new thread to mark the time of the events. This is the only Date needed for the thread.
  • An Open Location: Write a CD at the top of your character's first post in the location to mark the time of his or her visit.

Q: How do I know what to write in a CD?Edit

A: Check at the top of each in-character forum! There will always be an announcement posted that lists the current Continuity Gap, as well as the current range of dates you can use in your CDs. At any time, you can post threads for any time within the range of dates listed there.

Q: What is a Continuity Gap?Edit

A: To make sure that no characters are left behind in the flow of time, and to be sure that no one posts too far into the future, at any time there will always be a block of three in-character months that are available to post in. This block of time is called the Continuity Gap. The Continuity Gap changes at the end of every real-life month, and will always include three in-character months. When the Gap changes, one in-character month is left in the past and another is made available in the future. For example, if the in-character months are labeled by letters, the first Continuity Gap would include the months "A, B, C". When the Gap changes, the months available will be "B, C, D", then "C, D, E", etc. New threads and posts in open locations may only be labeled within the current Continuity Gap.

Q: What is Inactive Continuity?Edit

A: Any threads that take place in a time that's not included in the current Continuity Gap are labeled Inactive Continuity. Inactive Continuity threads may still be ongoing, but no new characters can join in on the thread. In other words, anyone who's still posting in the thread when it goes Inactive may continue posting in it, but no one else can come in as a new character.

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