Ghosts are the insubstantial spirits of persons who have died. Freed of their flesh they can roam the world without needing to eat. Please note that Ghosts are currently only available as a race choice for PCs that died in character.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Ghosts are insubstantial creatures who are extremely limited in their interaction with the real world. They have substance in the Spirit Realm, but are not able to easily affect the world. However, older ghosts can learn to not only appear as visions in the real world, but also move objects and take possession of mortals.

Organisation & GoalsEdit

Ghosts often spend their time seeking revenge on those who took their life or making sure to wrap up any business they had left before they die. Those who choose to linger around as a ghost will often not leave before this task is complete.


Ghosts retain the skills they had before their death. However, they are not capable of advancing these skills any further. The only skill ghosts are capable of picking up is the skill of manifestation.


Please note that those who are attuned to the Spirit Realm may be able to communicate with and see ghosts prior to the ghost gaining the appropriate skill to do so. The ghost may also be able to appear earlier to those whom it had a strong emotional connection prior to death.

0. This is where ghosts start out right after they have left their body. At this point they appear as nothing more than a cold breeze in the real world, though those who have access to the Spirit Realm may be able to talk to them.

2. At this point the ghost may be able to appear as something of a blur in the air.

4. The ghost has started gaining enough power to move small objects around.

5. The ghost can walk through walls.

7. The ghost may appear as a distinct, albeit still somewhat transparent, figure.

10. The ghost can start move heavier objects around.

12. At this level the ghost can take possession of a body for a limited time.

14. The ghost may look indistinguishable from a normal person.

16. The ghost can create convincing illusions.

17. At this point the ghost can take possession of a body for an extended period of time.

19. At this level the ghost can start lifting heavy objects with ease.

22. At this point the ghost can lift multiple heavy objects at once with ease.

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