Humans are the most populous of the races. They are the primary race in Adylheim; it is their nations which make up Adylheim and they are the primary inhabitants of it, though other races are also represented there. Humans are the most diverse of the races. Their culture depends vastly on where they are born and who they were born to, whereas other races are relatively monocultural.


The Arameians are named after the city of Aram from which the Arameian Empire stems. They are a race of tall, pale humans. Most of them having dark hair and eyes. Across Adylheim they are often found in important positions if not always the top ones. Among the Arameians are counted some of the best administrative minds in Adylheim. Arameians have a long history, stretching back to the start of the Arameian Empire. Though they allowed rival chieftains to keep their power, they subjected them to the Arameian throne and made them dependant on the administration of Arameian nobles. As the imperial system started to collapse, many of these nobles retained their positions, as such many noble houses can at least trace their lineage back to the time of the Empire.


The dark skinned people of the seas, these men came from another continent long ago, they have settled along the coastlines of Adylheim. Their presence can be found on almost all ships patrolling off the coast of Adylheim, they are spread along the coast for the most part. They are given to worshipping Erina, their rites of sacrifice often include throwing their sacrifice to the seas. Maradin are known for their wanderlust, rarely wishing to settle in any one place for too long. It is perhaps for this reason that some look upon them with suspicion, thinking they perhaps flee before their crimes are found out.


The Soilien are the southernmost of the human races and are often referred to simply as Southerners; their olive skin and almond eyes set them apart. While their easy mood makes them one of the generally best liked peoples in Adylheim. They are known to be good hosts, generally hospitable and friendly, though with a great flair for drama and a tendency to be somewhat showy. Exaggerated gestures and long curses are often the order of the day, but where they are quick to condemn, they are equally quick to forgive. Soilien cuisine is known for being the best in Adylheim and is sought after in most places.Soilien mainly populate the southern fiefdoms, though they can be found elsewhere.


The Northmen of Adylheim, they are fair of eyes, hair and skin. They mainly populate the Northern fiefdoms, with some living further south. They’re a large people, though slow to anger and slow to joy. They value their appearance to others above all else and will go to great lengths to keep this image intact. They are related to the barbarians to the North, though they consider these people backwards and uncivilized.

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