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High AramaicEdit

The most spoken language in the Mainlands is Aramic. The language is usually divided into two dialects, Vulgar or Low Aramic and High Aramic. Both are mutually understandable but High Aramic uses a more intricate system of clauses and genders than Low Aramic. High Aramic is usually spoken by nobles and is the primary written language of the courts of the Mainlands.

Low AramicEdit

Low Aramic is the most common dialect and it has a number of different names. Some call it Vulgar Aramic, others Low Aramic, and some even call it Tradespeak, or simply Trade. It is spoken by most inhabitants of the Mainlands and is frequently used as a language for traders. Almost all business taking place in the Mainlands uses Low Aramic. Speaking the language in certain circles may be frowned upon due to its common nature.


Spoken by the elvish tribes roaming Adylheim this tongue, while rarely spoken in polite company, is usually known to those trafficking in elven lore and doing business with them. As most elves also have at least a passing knowledge of Trade though, it is usually not considered very important. Elvish is known for being a language that has as many different words for "disguise" as elvish and for often connecting up several words to form new, more elaborate concepts, on the spot if need be.

The Alphabet of the MagiEdit

Wizards don't have a tongue to themselves, per se, though they often converse in otherwise dead tongues to keep the uninitiated from understanding their conversations. They do make use of their own alphabet, however, in which they write their Prime Words. This alphabet bears little resemblance to any of the other alphabets and symbols in it are said to be more based around the purpose of the word than its phonetic content.


The tongue of ghouls is little heard or known, its is only ever spoken amongst ghouls. Those few who have heard it report it to be almost like hearing a singing whisper. Although a very rare tongue and one without any written counterpart some necromancers have been known to learn it to better communicate with ghouls.


The language passed down to Dragonkin by the Dragons, Drakken is a language filled with hissing and growls. It makes excellent use of the agile tongue of the Dragonkin, and it is extremely rare for anyone outside of the Dragonkin to know Drakken. It carries huge religious significance to them as it is the language they use to communicate with the Dragons.


Sidaen is the language of the Ursidaen. It is mostly used among their race only, since it is the only language which can be spoken in both the form of man and bear.


Ogran is a language that is easy to pick up, as its sentence structure and use of tenses and clauses remains very basic. It is rarely known by anyone other than those who trade with the Ogres, as knowledge of it is highly frowned upon.

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