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This article is a collection of some of the more powerful or renowned magical artefacts present in Adylheim. Please note that any item whose location is not included in the text can be considered to be lost.


The Axe of a Thousand DeadEdit

The Axe of a Thousand Dead is a bearded axe made entirely of iron, both the haft and the head are made out of solid iron. The head is full of carvings, showing a drake's head baring its teeth and blasting a breath of fire reaching the very tip of the blade, from the back of the drake's head run intersecting lines that go all the way down the haft till they form a knot at the knob end of the haft. It's wreathed in many powerful enchantment, it never dulls and swinging it never wearies the wielder. Anyone who wields it is marked as a grave enemy of all faeriekind however, even elves will feel a certain amount of antipathy towards anyone who's wielded the axe. Anyone who has wielded or is wielding it can expect to be attacked by faeries at any time. Luckily for them, the axe is also a potent anti-dote for their magics, rendering the one who holds it entirely immune to the effects of faerie magic. No one who has held the axe has survived it for very long, however and the name is said to come as much from the wielders of the axe as the faeries it has killed. The axe is currently held in the halls of the Archduke's Spire in Spire City.

The Crystal BladeEdit

Ser Eckhard was a hero from the early ages of the Empire, renown for his chivalry, courage, and his extraordinary weapon. The Crystal Blade was said to have been forged from Wyrmsteel and completely invisible when wielded to all except it's user. Although everybody agrees that the blade was a longsword, nobody is quite sure about where the sword is. Some claim that Ser Eckhard melted it down as a sign of devotion to Luxor, others say that it was lost along with the knight himself when he was slain by Northmen. Scholars point out the disparity between each telling of the story for proof that Eckhard himself is nothing more than a myth. After all, the very concept of knights was a product of the late empire. Still, the legend of Ser Eckhard Shadowsword lives on and prospers and has spawned it's fair share of imitators, though no mage has been able to recreate it's abilities.

Death’s EndEdit

Death’s End is a powerful artefact created by the monk Sashuen to rid his temple of an infestation of vengeful ghosts. Death’s end is a spear where the spearhead itself is created by papier mache of pages from the holy writings of Akar and the shaft entwined in pages from the books. Death’s End can destroy incorporeal undead such as ghosts with ease, however it is a fragile weapon and should not be taken out in the rain unprotected.

Maia's PrideEdit

Maia's Pride is an executioner's sword. It's long hilt makes it perfect for holding with two hands, though the relatively short blade and blunt tip makes it relatively unsuited to combat. Maia's Pride has been made for the sole purpose of severing heads from the bodies of prisoners. On the steel of the blade the words "I give unto you a soul" are carved. The sword itself is ancient and worn, the hilt is threadbare and the blade is pitted and blackened. It is impossible and forbidden to polish it. The wielder of Maia's Pride will never be hurt by undead, any undead in the vicinity of the sword will be forced to kneel before the wielder and will not be allowed to hinder or hurt them in any way. They cannot, however, be forced to do the wielder's bidding.

Moonlight DirgeEdit

Whist the members Black Watch frequently visit the court of the Emperor, only the bearer of Moonlight Dirge speaks for Mia the Everliving. The creation of the guandao was itself the work of decades as Arameian nobles and knights present at the siege of Night were abducted and sacrificed to Khanes; their blood basting a steel idol for years on end. When the generation had passed, the statue was melted down and the stained steel used to craft the blade of the weapon. The handle of the weapon is carved from a single piece of jade and adorned with all manner of precious stones. As a badge of office, Moonlight Dirge is usually kept beside Mia the Everliving's sarcophagus. Most members of the court--and by extension the populace--know the weapon only by its handle. Moonlight Dirge can pass through nearly any form of defense to kill and maim when wielded against a hated foe. Knights are found bisected whist encased in full armor, wizards found eviscerated inside impenetrable fields of wards. When used in such a manner, the blade burns with a heatless green flame.

The RavenbladeEdit

The Ravenblade is a strange blade indeed, it a shortsword of immense power. The blade itself is made of what appears to be normal steel, though black silhouettes of ravens can be seen along the blade. The pommel is a silver raven's skull. The Ravenblade acts as a normal blade against most opponents, but it is one of the few blades which can cut and kill any kind of undead, corporeal or no. In all but the most powerful undead, a single cut from the Ravenblade is enough to destroy them. The Ravenblade also vibrates slightly whenever a nearby battle is about to take place.

The Red SwordEdit

The Red Sword was once a potent sword in its own right, ensorcelled with potent magic. It belonged to the hero known as Mar the Bold, long before the advent of the Empire Mar the Bold fought the armies of the Witch King of Kand, the final battle took place on an iced over lake far into the Northern Ribs where Mar the Bold and the Witch King met in a battle of champions. As his final act, Mar plunged the sword into the chest of the Witch King. But the power of his magic was such that it travelled up the sword and destroyed Mar even as the Witch King lay dying. From then on the lake has always been covered in ice, no matter the season. And the only sign that a battle was once fought there is the sword sticking out of the ice, the steel blade having turned a dark crimson through the long years. According to the legend, the sword waits for someone, though the soul of the Witch King still lives in it, making it a fearsome weapon in battle, for wielder and foe alike. The Red Sword has been known to have a will of its own and almost all later wielders have been compelled to return the sword to its resting place on the lake.

The Sword of FrostEdit

The Sword of Frost is one of the few prelapsarian items known throughout Adylheim. Its fame is only second to its power. The eternal chill of the blade itself is said to destroy the hand of anyone unworthy to wield it. Who or what it considers worthy is long since lost though. According to the legends, the one who wields the Sword of Frost need fear neither cold nor fire and will bring the chill of winter wherever he goes. It is so sharp to this day that it cuts through silk as it falls on the edge. Many are the tales of those who have believed themselves worthy and have come away from the blade lacking an arm, as such, there are few these days who dare to move the blade. It is currently located in the castle of the Prince of Nevros in Alden. The sword itself is a longsword crafted meticulously from something which appears to be ice but can cut through steel like it was butter.

Vorpal BladeEdit

Mysterious weapon that has been used throughout history to slay great beasts and lead armies, it is said to take on whatever form most suits its wielder, and those who have witnessed its powers say that the blade has an inconsistent appearance, growing and shrinking slightly when no one is looking at it. Most commonly it is portrayed as a meat cleaver that is nevertheless an effective weapon, as most accounts say that it can cut through the hide of any beast. Although this technique does not apparently extend to inanimate objects it's said to be quite effective against magical wards as well. The location of the Vorpal Blade is lost to history, however it is said to be a weapon that one can only encounter when they're not looking for it, or only if led by a fool on a mission. The blade is rumoured to whisper to its wielder: to tell stories of far off lands and to tempt them to face greater and greater foes, or merely to ramble on meaninglessly until the wielder goes insane. The truth of these stories, is, of course, unconfirmed, but an unnatural majority of its wielders over history have been madmen and fools, obsessed with hunting great monsters and beasts of all kinds.


Addison's CubeEdit

A luminous blue cube no bigger than a man's hand, Addison's Cube is a peculiar object. Its last known whereabouts was in a ruined tower in Arameia, where when activated it would send a beam of blue light into the sky and drastically alter the physical elements of nearby wildlife. However, the cube is highly experimental and incomplete, thus rendering it unstable and liable to change properties over time and in different conditions. Popular rumour in magical circles states that while Addison, a powerful user of low magic, became fascinated by the cube and constantly attempted to tinker with its power, he himself was not the creator, and nothing is know of the artefact's origin, or even where the mage originally found it. Because of its volatile nature the cube has gained a reputation of being highly dangerous, and thus it still sits in Addison's tower long after the mage's death, since no one is prepared to go near it. Activation appears to occur at random, or at least a cause of it can not be established, therefore the magic of the cube is released spontaneously, and can lay dormant for mere hours or as long as centuries.

The All BoxEdit

The All Box is said to be the blueprints of creation itself, the very thoughts and schematics of Eirwin. The All Box takes the shape of a relatively simple wooden box, though it may change size and to a limited extent shape as it sees fit. The All Box is intelligent and contains the schematics for the creation of the multiverse in all 4 dimensions and as such contains all possible knowledge. Given that the box is intelligent and a map of all possible realities, it may choose to give its owner the wrong information though. According to the legends it was given to the first monk of Eirwin, but to keep it from being abused, he hid it when he died.

The Annulet of ReposeEdit

Possibly the most famous of a set of magical rings created by Orthern the Pallid in the early days of the Empire. The Annulet of Repose is a single band of silver with strange magical runes inscribed along its surface. Unlike normal silver, however, it does not corrode and gives off a faint silvery glow. The ring puts the wearer in such a deep sleep that they cannot be roused, except by removing the ring. While they are wearing the ring, however, they are immune to all manner of scrying and malignant spells as their Numen all but ceases to exist during this time. They remain vulnerable to physical assault, although any wounds will stop bleeding and they will not heal nor worsen during the time they wear the ring, their bodies remaining in a perfect, dreamless stasis.

The Bone ChairEdit

Beware the necromancer spurned, for the mind willing to traffic with Maia are not known for patience and understanding. The Bone Chair is a magical construct of unspeakable malice; its very existence the subject of much debate and discussion among the more learned magical circles. To put it simply: the Bone Chair destroys a person's soul. The Bone Chair, as the name so wonderfully suggests, is constructed entirely from the pristine skeletons of several people. Gold lief traces runes and sigils on the bone whist a silvery--but immensely strong--network of wires keeps the construct standing. When activated (stories suggest that this requires an immense amount of energy and some serious spellcasting), the chair imprisons the target in a cage of bones--the chair monikor becoming common use from the vaguely sitting position that the body ultimately assumes. Once the machine has done its terrible work, the soul appears to have entirely disappeared from the Multiverse. No resurrection is possible, no communication even with the most complicated necromantic scrying spells. It should be noted that the artefact carries significant risk in usage, as Maia takes being cheated out of a soul quite personally.

Bugbump's WandEdit

Bugbump was legendary in his time. A comedian, mage and consummate performer, Bugbump made frequent tours of the various kingdoms and became quite wealthy entertaining rulers, magi and priests. The story goes that he wanted to forge a wand which only he could use. Being fairly popular in the magic world for his comedy, he had several highly powerful friends. He gathered them together for a big show and entertained them. It was called his greatest performance. At the end of the show he asked everyone attending to help him create the wand. The assembled mages were all somewhat drunk and lively, and so they immediately roared their agreement. Together, they cast a spell on the wand which would permanently turn the skin of anyone except Bugbump who touched it purple. Forever. It's often said that Bugbump was a joker right to the end. His wand is highly prized by the wizarding world for its power, though few have ever deigned to touch it.

The Cauldron of PlentyEdit

The Cauldron of Plenty is a blackened iron cauldron which is always slightly chilly to the touch. Despite this it will create whatever delightful dishes its owner commands it to. According to the legend a demon is trapped inside it, having to make dinners and food till the end of all that is. The Cauldron of Plenty can produce as much as needed and has, according to the legends, fed large armies in its time.

Chalice of TearsEdit

Hell hath no fury like a goddess scorned. The Chalice of Tears is a beautiful silver vessel covered with the iconography of Thisseis. Entwined snakes run along the circumference of the lip; fields laden with all manner of fruit and grain fill the inside. Around the outer face of the cup dances a string of children--the very children that have earned the Chalice its terrible reputation. Once upon a time, an Arameian lord swore an oath to the priestesses of Thisseis to grant them the finest quarter of his land's harvest if the rain would grace his lands. True to the words of her servants, Thisseis opened the heavens. But when it came time for the lord to part with his offerings, he sent the priests only rotten grain and shriveled fruit. The priests communed with their goddess and, at her direction, placed a plain chalice in front of the castle gate. In a matter of moments the blessings of Thisseis were stripped away, the bounty of nature stolen from the land and engraved on the inside of the vessel. So too were the children stolen away, and all those who had deigned to cheat Thisseis rendered barren. The Chalice of Tears is now kept in the temple of Thisseis in Spire City. Once every decade--sometimes more or sometimes less--it disappears and wreaks vengeance on the unfaithful. It is considered an immensely bad omen for the Chalice to disappear.

The Eye of AgarEdit

The Eye of Agar is a powerful red jewel filled to the brim with enchantments, it is cut to have exactly 13 facets and is the size of a fist. Those looking at anything through the Eye of Agar will see all that is hidden around them, those holding it will see through any lie spoken to them and sense any falsehood. The Eye of Agar was last seen in the treasury of the Emperor before the Great Winter Fire but has since been lost.

The Mysanthropic Hand of BaelEdit

Commonly called simply, "The Hand" by necromancers, this seven-fingered limb has a history as dark as its curse. There was a nobleman of Andragoria named Naelor who was quite wealthy and well loved by his contrymen. When, after many divorces, Naelor discovered that he was incapable of bearing children he left his lands in search of a wizard who could cure his impotence. He traveled far north, in disguise, finally stopping in a small town to rest. There he told his tale to several men in a bar and they told him of the necromancer Soveliss. Soveliss was a comely maiden and she bade him bed her. She cast a spell and became great with child. Naelor left, planning to return in nine months to take the child home with him. But when he returned Soveliss refused to give the child up. Naelor became furious and consumed with anger. He returned home a second time and gathered a small army of young nobles and brought them back to Soveliss' home. He pounded on the door, demanding she open and let him have his child. When she refused they broke in the door and slew the necromancer. As she lay dying she muttered a spell. Naelor went to the crib of his child and was stricken with horror; the babe that lay in the carriage had seven fingers on each hand and seven toes on each foot. Soveliss laughed and died. Disgusted, Naelor left his child to die with his mother. Lucky for the boy he was discovered by elves who felt his strong magic and raised him. The child, called Bael'ost by the elves and simply Bael by others, became a great necromancer and after his death his seven-fingered right hand became a powerful totem. Holding it amplifies the power of necromancy. However, Soveliss' curse remains attached to the hand: If it is ever used, the corpse of Soveliss rises and walks slowly toward the user. If she touches the holder of The Hand the user dies instantly. The hand is currently interred in a monastery in Southern Andragoria.

The Master Book of ElronEdit

The Master Book is kept in a secret vault which is known only to the Order of Elron, though speculation places it in Nander. It is a vast tome detailing the accounts and the loans of every bank of Elron throughout Adylheim. What is so special about this book is that it communicates this information to a series of lesser books which can be found in the banks of Elron, all information written down in these books go into the Master Book which then ships it out to the other books. While the Master Book and its Daughter Books are certainly the most famous Ayem Books in Adylheim, they are far from the only ones.

The Moon Emperor's RingEdit

An artefact of a long lost southern nation pre-dating the Arameian Empire. According to the legend, the Moon Emperor's Ring belonged to a powerful Emperor of this nation who had it made so that he would never be alone, who made it and on whose command has long since been lost to the annals of history. It is a golden ring with a jade stone and according to the legend, when one rubs the stone the right way, a marvellous palace filled with courtesans and all the earthly delights one could want for will appear.

The Philosopher's StoneEdit

The marvellous epitome of what an Alchemist can do, this miraculous substance can not only turn base metals into gold, it can heal almost any ailment or wound and greatly lengthen the lifespan of those who use it.

Tormod the FastEdit

Tormod was a wizard of some repute, though he is now something of a cautionary tale among wizards, he dabbled in becoming immortal. Instead of making himself immortal, Tormod created a spell which made him live at a speed much, much less than a normal human being. His spell has fashioned him into something like a living statue, unable to comprehend a world that moves far too quickly around him to notice, unable to communicate with others in any meaningful way. Despite what one might think, Tormod the Fast's name is not a not-so-clever pun on his state, but a recognition of his earlier speed of memorisation. Tormod is currently travelling north towards Aram at a speed of half a metre per year.

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