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Written by The Mad Professor

In the worlds of magic and alchemy there are certain families which have been known to dominate both in learning and power. This article contains a tentative list of some of the major families and their relative expertise and other facts concerning them.

Wizarding Families[]

In the world of magic it is not rare for wizards to choose celibacy over procreation, believing this will remove potential distractions from their study of the arcane and increase their power. Some have chosen a different path though and have taken their own children as apprentices, passing the magic staves from one generation to the next. In some cases, these die out after a few generations and create little by way of a legacy, certain families have had a different fate though and have created what may be considered the great wizarding houses. To claim progeny from one of these houses, or to have been taught by one of them is a sure sign of respect among wizards.

The House of Blair[]

The Blairs are primarily located in Starkwater where they have extensive holdings. The house as a whole does not have a specific focus for their powers, but are considered to be well educated in most schools of magic. While they rarely take part in the conflict between Starkwater and Arameia, their conflict with the house of Collins may possibly be due to an act of sympathetic magic. This conflict has marked these two houses throughout many centuries and many have died on both sides in their conflict.

The House of Bly[]

The house of Bly is often considered to be one of the stranger houses. They are all considered to be expert mediators and negotiators and often spend much of their time exploring the far realms, negotiating treaties for knowledge with strange races from beyond this world. While they rarely interact with other wizards, they are considered to be the experts on all things off realm. The house of Bly usually retains at least one teaching position at the Academy of Magic in Teslan and have often had the position of headmaster there, those Blys not teaching at the academy can often be found elsewhere in Teslan.

The House of Collins[]

Located in Collinwood tower near the border to Starkwater, these Arameian wizards have long had a standing feud with the house of Blair. This conflict, while unrelated to the Starkwater/Arameian conflict has cost both sides many members over the years.

The House of Cursitor[]

The northern house of Cursitor is one of the foremost houses of wizardry in Nevros. While the house of Cursitor has primarily worked with scrying and are considered to be all but beyond peer in this arena, wizards from the house of Cursitor have occasionally dabbled in other schools of magic. The house of Cursitor has rarely dabbled in politics, but it is believed that they know what transpires in the north better than most rulers.

The House of Crawley[]

The house of Crawley makes its home in Aram and have been known to have in the employ of both the Emperor and the Prelate at different times. They have always been considered somewhat corrupt and effete to other wizards, however there can be no doubt that the Crawleys know what they’re doing. The house of Crawley has often involved itself in the politics of Adylheim and it is not unknown for their members to have some manner of noble title or holding.

The House of Dhalsim[]

The house of Dhalsim is something of a peculiarity among wizards. They primarily practise spells which require numen and meditation, obtaining their spells through very simple means and rarely settling anywhere for any length of time. Being something of a wandering house, the Dhalsims can be found just about anywhere in Adylheim. Wherever they go though, the house of Dhalsim is a stalwart defender of the weak against potent magic, holding that they have been given their gift so that they may aid others with it. Dhalsim’s techniques and spells are a closely guarded secret, but other magi tend to think of them as somewhat crude and unscholarly.

The House of Jareth[]

The house of Jareth have no particular focus, but have long been considered to have the most expansive library on the behaviour and habits of goblins. Many members of house Jareth have found these minute creatures to be fascinating and have studied them extensively. For the most part the house retains a fairly reclusive tower on Cape Verdet where the majority of their family members can be found.

The House of Jip-Mordo[]

Created by the marriage of two of the apprentices of the great Archwizard Sibel Kaluu, the house of Jip-Mordo has long been one of the more forceful houses of wizardry and often take an active hand in politics. Located in Teslan this house has often held the seat of Headmaster at the Academy of Magic there and has always had a seat on the ruling council of Teslan. They have created many experts in the field of Artificing and any magical artefact from the house of Jip-Mordo is generally considered to be a notch above the rest.

The House of Kamienne-Serce[]

The house of Kamienne-Serce has long had a reputation for dark magics, though little has ever been proven to say this for certain. Their wizards have a tendency to gravitate towards magic which espouses to fundamentally alter the personalities of those who they work for. Believing that the root power of their magic can be found and aided through works of what others may consider negative emotions they have often sought out (and found) ways of enhancing these in themselves and others. Among the secret spells that the house of Kamienne-Serce clings to are the creation of their shadowy servants, which have more in common with ghosts than any demon. These monstrous familiars have been known to hurt those who come into contact with them, twisting their very souls.

The House of Mandrake[]

The house of Mandrake is often considered to be one of the primary wizarding families of Arameia. They have a long standing tradition of excellence in the art of Scrying and are also among the best wizards when it comes to the creation or removal of Geises. The house of Mandrake live in relative seclusion in a tower not far from the northern borders of the Old Woods and have generally been known to leave politics alone.

The House of Naugus[]

The house of Naugus has always practised what it terms elemental magic, their offspring have often been gifted with some form or another of High Magic which they augment by using Low Magic. There have been rumours that those among the Naugus family who cannot themselves manipulate High Magic have been imprinted with it, creating a near copy of the trait in themselves. While many believe that the house of Naugus keeps itself in a cave, the only truth to this is that the only door to their domain is a small door hewn into a sheer rock-face. Beyond this door lies the Plane of Silence where they have created one of the greatest strongholds any wizard ever held.

The House of Okro[]

While many other families of wizardry can surely show great feats of wizarding in the past, few can compare to the house of Okro, known to have created some of the most brilliant, if somewhat eccentric, minds of magic. For the past few generations though, this house has been unable to produce any great masters of magic and are considered little more than mediocre wizards. It is rumoured that their Longmoor tower is starting to be reclaimed by the swamp it has been built on.

The House of Shandor[]

The house of Shandor are considered to be among the foremost experts on demonology in Adylheim. Generations of having the best demonologists in wizardry have led them to create what is undoubtedly the largest library on demons in the entirety of Adylheim. The twisted tower of the Shandor Woods in Nerin have long since become a regular stop over for journeyman wizards hoping to pick up a thing or two about demons and often coming away disappointed.

The House of Sidyen[]

Hidden away in the deep swamps of Longmoor are the House of Sidyen, this house has long since eschewed the symbols of power common among other mages. They have substituted the large towers for cottages and small manors. The house of Sidyen has always been large, an entire clan of wizards turning their attentions to the magical power of the swamp to their own advantage. While the rest of the people of Longmoor live in fear of the ogres and other denizens of the swamp, these have long been known to leave the Sidyen alone.

House Tsung[]

The undying house of Tsung finds its home in Andragoria, there are arguably six or seven members of the family, though an exact count is difficult. As one might expect, the house of Tsung have long since found a way to indefinitely prolong their lives and do not actually expire unless by accident or design. Its wizards are far more knowledgeable about how the human body works than most others, matching even the knowledge of the Flesh Mages of Starkwater. House Tsung has long had a connection to the court of Andragoria and its members often find themselves working in an advisory position to the king.

House Zyll[]

The house of Zyll has created a long line of wizards bent on the finding of a long lost artefact known as the White Orb, supposedly created by the founders of their house and subsequently lost. According to the records among the house of Zyll the White Orb would furnish anyone who held it with a knowledge of spells and magic far beyond what one could obtain in a lifetime. Located in the northern reaches of Nevros the house of Zyll has rarely been disturbed in their search for their lost artefact, but have occasionally delved into politics to ensure their own freedom to search continues.

The Alchemical Families[]

While not nearly as common as the wizarding families, alchemists too have created houses where a son or daughter follows in their parent’s footsteps. There are four alchemical families especially worthy of note.

House of Baaelskine[]

The house of Baaelskine is perhaps the most mysterious of the alchemical houses, they have long since been located in Salen and have on occasion been connected to the Academy of Magic there. The house of Baaelskine has been credited with the discovery of Aqua Fortis and the Universal Solvent as well as a range of potions intended to temporarily warp the human body.

House of H’Sen[]

House H'Sen has long since been considered the dabblers of the alchemists. They do not pursue knowledge itself, but rather rely on a series of cheap tricks to make themselves seem more impressive in the eyes of others. While they have discovered a few minor tricks themselves, they rely primarily on the discoveries of others for their studies in alchemy.

House of Lemagarg[]

Lemagarg is one of the darker alchemical houses. They are renowned for their use of living creatures in their potions and rumours of them using parts of humans in their research. Certainly whatever discoveries they have made have been kept secret from any other alchemists. The house of Lemagarg is to be found in their laboratory in Spire City.

House of Turville[]

The house of Turville has an impressive laboratory which roams around the swamps of Longmoor, taking advantage of the rare alchemical herbs available there. The house of Turville has primarily remained interested in working with the plants of the swamp and have created wonders in the fields healing and similar that are many alchemists have struggled to duplicate.