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The Magorgs are a cult of magi who implant magical devices and items into their body to allow them greater power. They’re generally shunned for their strange practises by other mages. The magic items that are implanted into them leave them capable of feats normal humans would not be capable of. Magorgs are primarily used as spies and assassins, usually by the Archduchy of Starkwater, and have a reputation as being a secretive cult, their members as much cult members as magi.


While Magorgs can be found across Adylheim, they mainly reside within the Archduchy of Starkwater, their use as assassins by the Archduke is well known. Outside of Starkwater, their practises are regarded as queer by other magi and are seen as lesser than “true” magic. The Tower of the Magorg in Spire City are considered to be their headquarters. Despite this, the Magorgs Flesh Mages are the best there is at what their craft and few have a better understanding of the human body than they do. ==Ranks== There are really only three ranks within the Magorg order.


These are your basic Magorg and their face outward, they are the ones who do the dirty work and are often the ones which end up testing new implants.


The next step up in the chain of command are the Monks, the monks of the Magorg are also the Flesh Mages which create the implants necessary to make new Magorgs. Monks are recruited from the Initiates who show promise in magic.


The Abbot is the supreme leader of the Magorgs, it is his job to ensure that their holy mission is not interrupted and that their holy writs are followed. The Abbot resides in the Tower of the Magorgs in Spire City, he is also known as the Bloody Baron.


Magorgs are generally covered by thick, hooded robes. These purple robes serve to ensure a modicum of disguise, while also serving as a uniform. When performing an assassination or needing to use their powers, they often rid themselves of the robes and go on in merely their trousers. Beneath this exterior they are usually heavily tattooed, the mystic tattoos intended to make them harder to spot as well as nigh-impossible to see with scrying.

Typical Modifications[]

While there are a range of possible modifications which are possible for the Magorgs certain modifications have become standard and while they may not appear on every Magorg, they are sure to be found on at least some of them.

Demon Blood[]

One of the first changes any Magorg goes through is replacing their own blood with demon blood in a painful transfer process which often takes weeks to finish. The Demon blood renders them vulnerable to certain forms of magic, but it also grants them slightly faster healing and enables their bodies to keep from rejecting some of the larger later magical implants.

Scrier’s Eyes[]

Scrier’s Eyes are replacement eyeballs which allow the Magorgs vision in all but complete darkness, the ability to see magical traps and wards and similar abilities. It is one of the more common implants. These eyes which are black with red irises are an easy way to recognize Magorgs, though they will usually be easily recognizable. Requires Soul Accelerators.

Soul Accelerators[]

These implants rely on magical devices fitted inside the skull, these are a very common implant as they allow the mind both to manage the extra information gained through the other implants, as well as enables the mind to process information at a highly accelerated pace, which is necessary for later speed implants. Requires Demon Blood.

Third Eye Implants[]

The Third Eye Implants are usually grafted onto the palm of the left hand. Touching another Magorg with this allows them to commune telepathically, sharing images, thoughts and ideas faster than speech. Some choose to place their Third Eye Implants elsewhere though. Requires Soul Accelerators.

Scrying Dampeners[]

These upgrades, usually consisting of magical tattoos etched into the skin of the Magorgs will render the Magorg extremely hard to find through the use of Scrying or Divination magic. Usually these tattoos will be on the Magorgs face.

Shadow Pattern[]

Shadow Patterns are a series of tattoos intended to render the wearer hard to spot, they are not a true invisibility, but they come fairly close, these will only work if the person meant to be affected can actually see the tattoos, therefore these are often placed on the upper body, which is left bare.

Speed Annulet[]

Speed Annulets consist of enchanted rings fastened around the very bones of those using them, these allow the user to react with superhuman speed, though it is limited to the parts of the body where the Annulets have been implanted. Requires Soul Accelerators.

Hydra Liver[]

Replacing the normal liver with a Hydra Liver renders the implantee a strong constitution against poisons and toxins. Requires Demon Blood.

Merman’s Gill Implants[]

These rare implants allow a Magorg to breathe underwater, they are rarely used though as most Magorgs prefer staying out of the water on the whole. Requires Demon Blood.

Purification Lungs[]

These implants allow a Magorg to breathe fumes that would be considered toxic to others. Requires Demon Blood.

Secondary Heart Implants[]

This implant allows a Magorg to survive having his heart pierced. The secondary heart is usually hidden in the bowels, where few would think to look for it. The heart is much smaller than the normal one though and will not allow for any great exertion, as it is not used to handling the entire body on its own. Requires Demon Blood.