The Mefici are a crystalloid race who live primarily underground. They do not use magic in any conventional sense. While Mefici may theoretically live forever, they create bodies for themselves when they need to move around. This process takes place in what they refer to as the Flesh Forge, where a flesh body is grafted around the crystal housing their consciousness. This is usually followed by a series of metal plates which protect the body and leave little to be seen. The Mefici communicate through a form of telepathy similar to that of the Dae’vol, though it is reputed as being painful for those who are subjected to it. This is believed to be because of the alien nature of a mind made from stone. Mefici as a race deal in absolutes and have problems with concepts such as lies and half-truths. The heavily armoured bodies of the Mefici are generally short and squat, but powerful, to allow them passage underground. Mefici naturally exhibit talents of earth manipulation and can often reshape tunnels to be large enough to fit them. The Mefici are excellent smiths, and they are extremely well paid for their products.

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