The monks of Eirwin are a sect of lone, travelling monks who spend their life wandering all across Adylheim. In return for food, shelter and writing supplies they copy books and texts they come across. Sometimes they carry manuscripts with them, which they will add to libraries as they go along, thus increasing the size and scope of many libraries across the Mainlands. Their system is relatively simple, any books the monk does not possess in the library, he will take a copy of if he can, any books he carries that the library does not have is copied and the copy given to the library. As copying is a long and onerous task though, this often means that the monk will stay in one location for several months before moving on. The monks are a welcome source of sage advice for most. They often educate those who live around there and for much less than a normal copier they will make new texts, although they are not very fine copies, their purpose is to spread knowledge, not create luxury items. The travelling monks come in both genders, though they are usually male. Not because Eirwin favours men over women, but because it is not always safe for women to travel the roads alone. Of course, the travelling monks do not always travel alone, they sometimes travel in groups. The monks are a favoured target of bandits though, because the books they carry with them can be very valuable indeed.

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