Ogres are a large race, their brawn serving them more readily than their brains. They are viewed with extreme suspicion by humans, given their history of warfare with the humans of Adylheim. Regardless of this Ogres may occasionally be seen throughout Adylheim working as guards and warriors. Ogres have earned respect for their abilities in wartime, if nothing else.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

As a race Ogres are generally taller and wider across the shoulders than humans. Adapted as they are to life in the swamps their skin is usually various shades of green, grey or brown, often mottled. Though this skin may sometimes border on the translucent, offering those watching them an insight into the organs of the Ogre. Their eyes too follow this coloration, while the sclera is usually white (albeit just as often a pale yellow), the iris is usually green or brown. They have a limited amphibian ability, and can stay submerged for almost an hour before needing to breathe. They are not capable of getting air from water as efficiently as they are from other sources and as such they can stay underwater for a long time, but must eventually come up to breathe again. Their fingers and toes are also webbed, making them excellent swimmers when they need to be. It should be noted that where humans might have hair, Ogres have none, their eyes lack eyebrows and eyelashes, and are protected by an extra pair of eyelids instead.

Culture & OrganisationEdit

Ogres live in a tribes which are more or less constantly at war with each other over one thing or another. The eastern fiefdoms go to great lengths to keep this internecine warfare up so that they do not have to deal with a unification of the Ogran tribes, which might pose a substantial threat to the fiefdoms. Within these tribes, Ogres often attain positions based on feats of strength and combat ability. The strongest and best fighter is ultimately the leader of his tribe, until someone deposes him by becoming stronger and better. Ogre males run Ogre society to a great extent. Often the chief of any tribe of Ogres decides who gets to procreate, sometimes only giving himself and his chosen female this privilege and coups where the young are killed are common within Ogre society. Ogre women are often treated as little better than cattle, their purpose, according to the Ogres, is to gather and prepare food as well as caring for the young.


Half-Ogres occur only very infrequently, normally as the result of rape during raids on human villages. Since humans generally find ogres and their women rather repulsive, this happening any other way is rare in the extreme. The fate of half-ogres depend entirely on where they grow up. If they grow up in human society, they are usually outcasts because of their strange appearance, whereas in ogre society they are considered the runts and lack the true strength needed to rise high in ogre society. Where half-ogres have a head start on ogres though is in terms of brain power. While ogres are by no means dumb, they could hardly be considered the height of intellect. They do, however, lack much of the amphibian ability of ogres and are not natural swimmers the way ogres are either, having to learn how to do even the most basic of strokes. Half-ogres are infertile so cannot produce offspring of their own.

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