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This article is a short introduction to the playable races available in Adylheim and includes links to the more in depth articles on the various races.


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Humans are the primary race in Adylheim. They are the ones who have populated the seven fiefdoms. One of the major differences between humans and other races is that humans quickly evolve new cultures; other races are relatively monocultural.

Dae'Vol Male


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The Dae'Vol are a race of telepathic humanoids who live in a magical society south of the fiefdoms. They are generally slender and tall, with red to yellow skin striped with black. Dae'vol are incapable of communicating orally as they have no mouth. They make excellent magi and are in fact dependant on High Magic to stay alive.


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Dragonkin were created by the dragons to act as their servants. They are winged reptilian humanoids. Despite their reptilian appearance, they are warmblooded. They look much like dragons might have looked had they taken humanoid shape. Thanks to their hollow bones, Dragonkin are also lighter than a comparably sized human. Dragonkin live in temple cities on the tops of mountains which are rarely accessible except by flying.


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Elves are perhaps the race which is the most similar to humans. They are a little shorter than humans and usually a lot lighter than them. Much like Dragonkin, they have hollow bones which enable to them to perform great feats of acrobatics. Though not typically a very beautiful race, Elves have an innate ability which allows them to create illusions called Glamours which make them look especially beautiful.


As Elves are capable of producing offspring with humans, the end result ends up somewhere in between the two races. Not as long lived or as agile as the elves, and without their characteristic Glamours, yet stronger and more durable than most elves.


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Ghosts are available as a playable race option only to characters that have died in character.


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Ogres are a semi-amphibian race living to the east of the fiefdoms, capable of remaining submerged in water for over an hour thanks to their partially formed gills. They are known for their savage and warlike ways. In size, they are larger than any of the other races, with the exception of Ursidaen in bear form. Their appearance is generally taken to be physically repulsive by humans.


Though Ogres are considered repulsive, mating between ogres and humans does happen and the resultant offspring ends up somewhat less than both races. They lack the strength and size of the Ogres, as well as their gills, but are somewhat smarter than Ogres and better at learning things of an abstract nature.


Main article: Ursidaen

Ursidaen are said to be a cursed offspring of humanity. They live in small villages in the northern mountain ranges, where they occasionally participate in raids on the northern fiefdoms. They are set aside from humans in that they are capable of transforming into bears at will.