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These rules and guidelines, although simple, are the lifeblood of the community. Read them. Digest them. Keep them in a little book by your heart.

Code of Conduct

Adylheim has a code of conduct that everyone who plays will be expected to follow at all times. This is primarily a matter of etiquette: we want the game to be fun for everyone, and a civil community is an important part of that. The staff reserves the right to punish or expel any player who is in violation of these rules.

  1. Treat other players (including staff members) with respect.

  2. No out of character racism, sexism, or other forms of discrimination or spreading of hateful speech will be tolerated.

  3. There is a line between persistence and harassment. If someone asks you to leave them alone, you should. The staff takes all complaints of harassment very seriously.

  4. Do not advertise on our forums. That is not what they're for.

  5. Do not add copyrighted or otherwise plagiarized content to our website, we will not accept it as contributions to Adylheim.

  6. Use of obscene words is discouraged, both OOC and IC. We strive to keep this a civil place OOC, and your character should be able to utilize IC alternatives.

  7. Obviously, sex happens in the game world, but erotica should be hinted at or skipped over, rather than described on the forums. The "fade to black" literary device is a useful tool in this situation.

  8. Also, events of great violence can occur in Adylheim, but gratuitous and detailed descriptions of such events should be avoided.

  9. Certain subjects are likely to make people uncomfortable, most notably rape. No PC should ever be subjected to rape without the prior consent of that character's player. Try to stay within people's comfort zones on this sort of thing.

  10. OOC should stay OOC, and IC should stay IC. If something happens to your character, do not take it personally, nor should you use OOC knowledge to further your PC's agenda.

  11. Powergaming is no fun for everyone else. Don't go around self-modding your character so that he's the only one who gets to do all the awesome stuff. Unless you are the moderator of a thread, you should never dictate what happens to another character, just what your character intends to do.

  12. character should not be mutilated or killed in a thread unless the person doing so is the agreed upon moderator of the thread, or the consent of the character's player is given ahead of time.

  13. Similarly, respect the game world. Although this is a fantasy setting, we expect a certain amount of realism. New nations do not appear out of nowhere, nor do governments topple for no reason. Every event IC should have a rational explanation within the game world. In other words, no god-modding.

  14. Discussion of controversial topics such as religion and politics is discouraged because of their potentially divisive nature. There's plenty of dedicated forums where people can talk about such things.

  15. Remember, this is a game. We're all here to have fun.

Breaking any of the above rules may result in an administrator placing a warning on the users account. Three warnings results in an automatic ban for a week, during which time the administrators will discuss whether any further extension of the ban is needed.

Rules of Posting


The contents of in character posts should not refer to out of character events or things.

Continuity Declarations

Main Article: Continuity Declarations

All storylines should be marked with a Continuity Declaration; this means that it should be at the top of every thread which is not a location thread, and on every post in which a character enters a new location thread.

Joint Posting

Occasionally moderators or PCs in a thread may see that in order to keep the thread moving at a decent rate, it is better to move the roleplaying to another medium, such as IRC or an IM service. This can happen in cases such as conversations or combat, which often necessitate fast, relatively short posts, when this happens all those in the thread should be present and the results posted on the forums in the appropriate thread. Things which are not documented on the forums are assumed not to have happened.

Controlling Player Characters

Player characters other than your own can only be controlled or roleplayed with their consent, though moderators may occasionally control them to remove them from plots in order to keep the thread from stalling.

Rules of Moderating

Moderator Purpose

In Adylheim moderators are the ones who decide the potential success of the character's actions, they take the place of dungeon masters and dice in tabletop rpgs or the computer in computer rpgs. Moderators may not take control of the minds or actions of PCs without specific permission of PCs or the presence of entities which have the ability to do this in the storyline.

Who Can Moderate

Anyone in Adylheim can moderate a thread, PCs are free to moderate each other having adventures. Adylheim does have staff moderators however, these are tasked with both overseeing PCs who are moderating and offering them advice and help if necessary. Those who wish to moderate a thread should send a proposal to a staff moderator who will look it over and offer help and tips.

Staff Moderators

Staff moderators are tasked both with overseeing other moderators and creating overarching plotlines and ensuring that the continuity of the places used in the adventure is held to. Staff moderators are also moderators who deal with overarching stories as well as ensuring a smooth transition for new players. Staff moderators are the ones who hand out experience at the end of threads and generally ensure that finished threads are locked and updating stickies.