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Scrying is one of the more subtle and disparate arts of magic. It contains mainly spells which deal with gathering or dispensing information in some manner or another. It can cover anything from detecting energies that are not usually seen, to astral projection, to finding someone, to gaining glimpses of the future or far away places.

Location in ScryingEdit

Location can be a tricky thing in scrying. As Prime Words are the main interface in many spells, it requires knowing distances and height from the central area from which the spells are cast. As such, mages often set aside Scrying rooms where they have extensive records of such things. This can be got around by the use of True Names or items which have Resonance with a specific person or area. Of course, since areas rarely have True Names it is hard to focus on them, making spells which focus on people, rather than specific places somewhat easier to cast. More advanced scrying spells may use Numen rather than Prime Words and True Names to choose a target, and may therefore forego this problem.

Example SpellsEdit


The Dark MirrorEdit

The Dark Mirror is perhaps the most basic spell of Scrying and one of the most common spells available. It involves the use of a bowl filled with black ink, with Prime Words written inside a circle around the bowl, preferably in blood. Using a silver bowl is recommended for the best effects, and iron shavings in the ink or having an iron bowl will ruin the spell. Varying the words or adding extra spell ingredients to the ink will cause the spell to alter focus. The Dark Mirror can be used to glimpse distant places, with the view depending on the words used in the spell. As the spell takes effect, the image will appear in the ink. The spell is usually dependant on where the Dark Mirror is set up, with the spell usually requiring one to set distances from the mirror which are to be viewed, for instance, 200 metres north of the location of the mirror. This can be varied through the use of True Names to the Prime Words or something which shares Resonance with the target for the spell being added to the ink.

Seeking StonesEdit

Seeking Stones is a relatively simple spell. It involves the use of a Lodestone on which has been written extensive Prime Words and hair from the person it is seeking. The hair must be tied around the lodestone in such a manner that it will support the lodestone if necessary, most will braid it to achieve this. Other resonant objects may be used instead of hair, but it is the the recommended medium. Seeking Stones will always point towards the person it is attuned to, using it is thus an excellent way of tracking someone down. To seek out someone or something else though, the entire spell needs to be reset and started over again.


Astral ProjectionEdit

Astral Projection is one of the more advanced spells available to those practicing Scrying Magic. It requires both a solid grasp of the Numen, Sigils and Prime Words. Usually the ritual will involve creating a circle or pentagram, within which the mage will use Prime Words suitable to the location within which the mage will sit and meditate. The circle will allow the mages image to be seen in another location, the mage’s Numen allowing him to control the image and the sounds it makes.

Listening InEdit

Listening In requires something which resonates strongly with the person it is targeting, which needs to be connected through a series of concentric sigils and Prime Words connecting it and the person casting the spell. Using chalk to inscribe this spell is not recommended and it has proven to be most stable when using blood to draw the Prime Words. For the duration of the spell the caster cannot move away from the sigil, or he will end the spell and break the connection. Listening In allows a person to hear what someone else is thinking. It only works on one person at a time and doesn't allow them to see anything but the surface thoughts of the other person. Skilled scriers may alter this to allow two-way communication.



Enscribing is one of the more difficult things a scrier can do, it employs a series of protective circles, powerful prime words and sigils. However this is no easy spell, just creating the sigils necessary can take weeks and must be cut deep into the earth with an athame, the prime words written in the blood of the caster. This is one of those spells where it does not pay to be skimpy, as the potential backlash if your spell goes wrong could be fatal. Using this spell rips of a part of your Numen and it may take the wizard weeks to recover. Once finished, the spell will empower and create a Genius Loci from a small part of his own Numen. Using this spell the wizard is capable of keeping tabs on the area which the spirit guards, instantly and without any necessary preparation. It can also be used to subtly alter the mood of a place, as well as remote activate any dormant spells the wizard may have left in the area. Enscribing is a permanent effect, while it has no nasty side effects beyond the recovery time needed after the spell is cast, it can cause serious damage to the caster if the spell is disrupted by another wizard.

Pruning the TreeEdit

Pruning the Tree requires extensive preparation, and relies on many of the same techniques as Mind Crafting in Creation, one of the more important parts is an athame with a series of powerful Prime Words written across the surface of the blade. Other things which are required is a table inscribed with the Sigils and Prime Words. The object of the spell, a human being in most cases, should be strapped to the table. By using his Numen an advanced student of scrying can then rip the person's mind out of their body and use the athame to cut Prime Words into it. Using Pruning the Tree allows a wizard to remove, alter and absorb the memories of another person. Doing so can cause irreparable damage to a person's mind, although a wizard can also use this spell to fix damage done to a person's mind, or remove any harmful influences or spells which have attached themselves to a person's mind. In essence, this spell allows the mage to perform surgery on a person's mind. While it can do great good for the person undergoing the spell, it can also cause great harm and being subjected to it is a very painful experience.

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