A very small percentage of the population of Adylheim are particularly sensitive to changes in the mood of Adylheim and may see apparitions and portents that others do not, these people are called Sensitives.


The term Sensitives is something of a catch all term, referring to those among the normal populace that somehow have senses beyond the norm. As a result of this, they may perceive the dreams of others, see the recently deceased or other, stranger, things. Sensitives are acutely in tune with the magical forces of Adylheim and may be stirred to dark dreams or to scream prophecies at the top of their lungs by especially powerful phenomena or experience even stranger phenomena still. As a side effect of their altered perceptions, Sensitives are much more likely to become possessed or generally harassed by demonic, fey, undead or other forces.


The senses of Sensitives have been shown to have several strange properties. Generally it is assumed that their natural sensitivity to the magical fields in Adylheim causes them to become disrupted when these are. However, it should be noted that Sensitives are not by any means omniscient, instead their gift tends to focus itself in specific ways, such as giving them an insight into what weather is coming, or hearing the whispering of the sylphs when playing in the open field. Their natural efficacy with the magical fields of Adylheim however does not mean they have much power over what they perceive. When powerful rips in the magical makeup of Adylheim happen Sensitives get caught in the maelstrom whether they like it or not. It also needs to be noted that the term magical fields and effects is by no means any kind of unified source of their ailment. Instead it refers to so many different sources, most of whom are outside the explanatory ability of even the most scholarly low mages. They do, however, include such things as divine interventions, acts of special importance, large death tolls and powerful magic being created. Generally speaking, the impact of the event will be greater the closer to the source it is and if it is powerful enough, people who are not even Sensitives may be affected.


Being a Sensitive may have different kinds of impacts on people's lives. Some may become mediums, channelling the recently dead for money. Others may become village elders through using their connections with fey forces to elicit truths of the world around them and aid their village. Others again may live wretched lives of madness, huddling beneath blankets and listening to voices that no one else can hear. Some may not even notice their gifts, till one day a particularly powerful shift in the magic of Adylheim causes them to collapse in the middle of the street and blubber nonsense.

On WizardsEdit

It should be noted that those practising low magic often train themselves to achieve a state similar to that of Sensitives. While they have similar senses and may use them to sense strong magic workings and similar, it also leaves them open to certain things that they would be better off not knowing or having in their heads. It should be noted though, that wizards are better trained to handle these things than regular Sensitives and while they may sometimes receive the same negative effects as Sensitives they will generally be able to avoid them.

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