Also known as the Sleepwalkers, the Paladins of Il'unno are a secretive sect dedicated to prophecy. They are also known under the less cordial term of Hoodfaces.


The Sleepwalkers exist in a rather strange place to most people. While some consider just seeing them to be bad luck, others consider treating them badly as bad luck. Certainly they're rarely a welcome sight anywhere they go, though they are usually greeted with wary hospitality. This reputation as being bad luck has often to do with them bearing bad news or arriving in places just prior to large calamities. Despite their reputation as being bad luck, the advice of the Sleepwalkers is generally considered to be very good indeed and many have been known to seek them out because of this.


The Sleepwalkers all wear heavy or light robes, depending on the season, though their single distinguishing feature are their hoods. The hoods are pulled down into the face covering their face to a point where they cannot see. Their faces are permanently obscured by these hoods, they do not remove them for any reason. In addition to their robes the Sleepwalkers often wield swords or some other weapon, though they seldom use these except for self-defence.

Modus OperandiEdit

The Sleepwalkers are trained in secretive monasteries scattered across Adylheim. Most who join them are selected from an early age as being part of the order, though some do join well into their prime. There is no rank among the Sleepwalkers, beyond those who have been fully initiated and those who have not. No formal leaders exist and those who join in the monasteries share all burdens as necessary. Perhaps the most important step in the training of a Sleepwalker is gouging their eyes out. From that moment on they are taught, through meditation and other techniques to remain in constant contact with the dreaming, through which they are capable of seeing the prophecies of Il'unno. Through focusing on the dreaming and the future they are capable of replacing their sense of sight for something more encompassing. They have no particular stated agenda and only do the things they do because that's what they're supposed to do. Asking a Sleepwalker why they do something is like asking a normal person why they breathe air.

Divine GiftsEdit

As a side effect of the training to see the future through dreams, however, they no longer require sleep. Rest still remains important of course, as even though their minds do not need rest, their bodies still do. Their constant focus on the future generally leads to a lack of belief in free will, as they consider themselves a people who can see the futility of fighting the deterministic nature of life. The Sleepwalkers do not look into the future and see the best potential outcome of a certain situation, they look into the future to see what it was they did so they know what to do. This ability to see the future remains very limited though, as long as they are using it as a replacement for their sense of sight they are only capable of seeing a second or two into the future. By meditating and concentrating on it though they are capable of seeing further into the future, this leaves them relatively blind to the present though and leaves them very vulnerable. The further into the future they see, the foggier the picture becomes as well and the more characterised by the language of dreams. In addition to their ability to see the future, the Sleepwalkers can look into the dreams of others and even communicate with others through these means. Such communication can be somewhat spotty though as many tend to forget their dreams when they wake up. Sleepwalkers, who exist in a constant sleeplike state, however, can always communicate with each other.

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