Said to originate from some of the more peculiar planes, the Viators are explorers and occasionally traders. They find the environments in most planes hostile and travel in magical suits which protect them from the heavy air in these places. These magical suits often take an appearance similar to quicksilver and give little indication of the creatures beneath them. These suits change shape to fit the needs of the individual Viators, sometimes creating hands, feet or even mockeries of human shapes when they need to. However, no one knows what they look like beneath these suits as a rupture in the suit has always caused the living being inside them to implode. The Viators travel the high skies of planes in their floating ships, as at home in the air as on the water. Communicating with them beyond the most basic has proved troublesome as their suits do not allow for telepathy or sound to penetrate and there is no common ground in terms of a written language.

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