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Each of the twelve months of the Adylheim calendar are known to have constellations associated with them, where particular arrangements of stars will hide behind the sun for that entire month. Thus, these constellations are not to be seen in the night sky during their month, and rendered invisible by the sun’s light during the day. The constellation behind the sun on a given month, is said to be the sun sign (or true sign) of any individual who is born on that month. These individuals are often thought or imagined to be born with certain traits in common. A good deal of variation is given to individuals depending on the placement of other heavenly bodies within the sky, the moon, and the planets, and the day on which one is born, which takes the fullness of the moon into account. One can often find charlatans and hedgemagi who claim an intimate knowledge of astrology, and use this to bilk common folk and nobles alike out of coin in exchange for foretelling the future. However, more often it is magi and priests who can legitimately take the placement of heavenly bodies into account, and forecast based on that. Many spells have a dependence on the particular placement of certain heavenly bodies and constellations, using their alignment as powerful sigils and power sources in their rituals. Due to the arcane origins of astrology’s practice, the sigils that have come to be associated with heavenly bodies, astrological charts and maps hold some inherent magical power. Depending on the use of these characters, they can be dangerous to handle or even write down by anyone who isn’t knowledgeable or experienced in low magic. Often enough, reckless charlatans have written out detailed charts, only to be beset by arcane phenomenon.


Emperor: Those born under an Emperor sign tend to be dominant personalities, who like to lead any sort of action or endeavour. Of the three stations, they are the least adaptable to change of any kind.

Serf: People born under the Serf prefer to take direction from others, and just generally go with the flow. Of the three stations, they are the most adaptable to change.

Priest: Priest signs are like the go between for the Emperors and Serfs. They’re the organizers, the diplomats, the ones who reconcile between groups. They’re somewhere between the serfs and emperors, in terms of adaptation to changes and cardinal traits.

The Twelve SignsEdit

Primus: The CageEdit

Overview: The constellation presiding over this first month in the year would be the cage, also known among other cultures as the womb, and more quietly as the eight-pointed star of Chaos. The constellation comprises of sixteen stars forming a jagged ring, forming eight points once the different stars are connected through geometry. True to the entity for whom the month’s name was given, the sign stands for chaos in all its forms, both in its true state as unadulterated, abysmal silence, as well as its mixed form, which pushes things to explosively unpredictable extremes.

Charlatans and Hedgemagi say: Those born under this sign are said to be silent, with a balanced, even temperament, or else just the opposite. Control is a strong theme with people born under this sign, control that is sometimes held to be tenuous when choice enters into the equation. Cage born individuals find it easier to think of themselves as serving some specific purpose or goal to which they strive relentlessly, otherwise they may lose themselves to disorganization.

Prime Word: Because of the nature of this sign, the month it presides over, and the effect of its prime word, they are rarely invoked, even when they’re called for. Xaos is the prime word associated with this month, and it’s sigil goes by the same name. The letters of Xaos are interchangeable, and applying a variation in their order does not seem to cause any change in the utility of them. This is understood to not mean much, as by its very nature, the prime word introduces elements of chaos to whatever it’s applied to, and as such is impossible to control.

Stages of Life: Fetal.

Station and Element: Priest of Earth.

Eirwinus: The TomeEdit

Overview: The Tome or Tablet presides over this month, representing learning things for the first time. The constellation forms a block in the sky, reminiscent of either a tablet or book. The sign stands more for the acquisition of knowledge, and the blundering inherent in that, than actual retention.

Charlatans and Hedgemagi say: Those born under this sign are said to be either scholarly and astute, or else ignorant and inane. They are very practical and also open in temperament.

Prime Word: Todem, a word used to speed the acquisition of knowledge or for use in retention of things learned.

Stage of Life: Infancy

Station and Element: Priest of Water.

Akaril: The ManEdit

Overview: Man represents the origin and source of all life, presiding over this month and bringing new life to the land, if the favor of Akar is assured. The constellation itself is like a stick figure. It stands for new life, vitality, and beginnings. This month is generally a good time to begin any sort of endeavor.

Charlatans and Hedgemagi say: Those born under this sign are said to be lucky, full of life, but sometimes naïve. Man born individuals are sometimes reluctant to step outside their normal routine, not in the least bit impulsive.

Stage of Life: Early Childhood

Station and Element: Priest of Air

Tirellus: The JesterEdit

Overview: The Jester presides over this month, filling it with joyful celebrations, feasts, and general merrymaking. The constellation starts with the figure of a small man, and then spreads outward into the tails of his hat. The sign stands for a celebratory, giving spirit. This is a good month to, well, er… celebrate.

Charlatans and Hedgemagi say: Those born under this month cannot keep a smile from their face, and lighten moods wherever they go.

Stage of Life: Late Childhood

Station and Element: Priest of Fire

Luxorus: The ThroneEdit

Overview: The Throne rules over this month, drawing the respect and attention due to authority figures. The favored activities under this sign include services performed for the ruling hierarchy and due reverence for your master. On the other hand, it’s also a good time for rebellion, or else assassination of important figures. The events occurring under this sign often signify the slow changing of the guard and dynasties that come and go through the ages.

Charlatans and Hedgemagi say: Those born under this sign are either born to lead, or else serve loyally to those who rule. Loyalty is a strong trait and theme of people born under this sign.

Stage of Life: Early Adolescence

Station and Element: Emperor of Earth

Adiennus: The ArchEdit

Overview: The Arch hides behind the sun this month, casting a shroud over the inner workings of everything. While this sign hides behind the sun, many find it easier to conceal their actions. Spells and non-magical measures that block scrying work particularly well during this month, while Scrying itself suffers. This is a good time to perform clandestine operations, and skulk about.

Charlatans and Hedgemagi say: Whoever is born under the Arch tends to be introverted, good at keeping secrets, but also a good listener. They make fine friends.

Stage of Life: Adolescence

Station and Element: Emperor of Water

Theriumnus: The CrossEdit

Overview: The Cross passes behind the sun during this month, and is said to precipitate conflicts of all sorts. Soldiers cross weapons in the battlefield, while courtiers cross each other with words in their Lord’s cozy castle. All manner of conflicts come to a head during this month, marking it with turbulent changes in events. When Fiefdoms are marching to war, this is considered to be the most decisive time to do battle, whether it be in their favor, or not. Those who fear defeat should avoid making battle during this month, at all costs.

Charlatans and Hedgemagi say: Men and women born under the Cross are said to be more contentious than anyone else. They seek decisive conclusions to events in their lives, and do not tolerate failure from themselves or others.

Stage of Life: Early Adulthood

Station and Element: Emperor of Air

Maadrthil: The DrakeEdit

Overview: The Drake hangs over the daytime sky during this month, bringing elements of danger to everything going on beneath him. Careful steps are cautioned to all who stray from their normal routine during this month. Like entering a Drake’s lair, they must stay the course and keep their breathing even in order to weather the danger. Being the month directly following the most decisive battles, this is where the Pyrrhic conflicts are had, where both sides of a struggle will often lose more resources than they can afford if they persist.

Charlatans and Hedgemagi say: Those born under the Drake are said to be very dangerous people, or else they often find themselves in the midst of danger. They are often said to have a bit of Drake’s blood in them, with violent tempers and with a touch of either brilliance, or madness.

Stage of Life: Mature Adulthood

Station and Element: Emperor of Fire

Gaernus: The ScytheEdit

Overview: Cutting across the sky this month is the Scythe. This constellation signals the fruition of the year’s labors and plans. This is typically the time when all the year’s events are brought to an end, but also signals a slow close to all efforts, as winter approaches in just a few months. This sign represents the reward for one’s journey and efforts.

Charlatans and Hedgemagi say: Those born under the Scythe are said to be very earnest and hardworking. Their efforts often yield greater rewards than most others. They tend to be generous and giving while in a position to do so, and inclusive in their works.

Stage of Life: Middle Age

Station and Element: Serf of Earth

Elronus: The ScalebearerEdit

Overview: The Scalebearer hides behind the sun this month, weighing all of the wealth earned throughout the year, and distributing it. This is typically the time when taxes are collected and assets are assayed. The sign favors tax collectors, and those to whom debts are owed. This is considered to be the best time to collect what is owed.

Charlatans and Hedgemagi say: Scalebearer children are said to grow up to be shrewd and logical thinkers. They have a tendency for measuring, quantifying and assaying the value and meaning of everything. Their destinies often lead them to becoming very rich, or penniless.

Stage of Life: Elder Adult

Station and Element: Serf of Water

Maius: The ArrowEdit

Overview: The Arrow flies behind the sun during this month. True to its inspired form, the Arrow brings death with it and the beginning of the Winter months. This is considered by the peasantry to be a good time to hunt, when creatures are settling down into their dens, bearing vulnerabilities, and also ripe for killing. Unscrupulous types will also note this is a good time to make a move on a sentient being’s life, as they are weakened and rendered stationary by the advent of Winter.

Charlatans and Hedgemagi say: The Arrow born children are said to be focal points of death. They often die a few months after their birth, but those who manage to live carry with them a curse that they should always be surrounded by death. On the other hand, it is also said that Maia has blessed the children who are born in and survive through this month with some form of protection from premature death. Arrow born individuals often grow to become very impulsive. Being surrounded by death affects different individuals in various ways, but often the message is clear that life is too short to waste on routines.

Stage of Life: Venerable

Station and Element: Serf of Air

Illunus: The KeyEdit

Overview: During this month, the Key unlocks the mysteries of the subconscious, giving way to unbridled creativity. Dreams, visions, and things seen and heard are to be taken very seriously during this month. The advice of elders and those from beyond the grave, advice of priests are to be heeded at all costs. At the same time, this is a good time to make use of magic, where it is generally rendered more effective during this month than any other, especially those spells that don’t manipulate physical things. On the other side, spells that manipulate the physical are made less effective.

Charlatans and Hedgemagi say: Those born under the blessing of the Key are said to be attuned to the supernatural, and touched strongly by the Wyrd. They have the gift of foresight, and can often perceive not only what a person says, but what they don’t say.

Stage of Life: Afterlife

Station and Element: Serf of Fire

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